Why do mosquitoes bite?

Of the 3,500 species, only 200 are biting. Females bite, to satisfy their need of proteins which will then allow them to develop their eggs; they will find these proteins in the blood of their victims, usually vertebrates (birds, mammals ...) and in particular humans.


Why are mosquitoes vector of diseases?

When the mosquito bites, it takes the blood of "its host", so also possible viruses or parasites likely to infect it itself. When it bites another host, the mosquito thus contaminated will then transmit viruses or parasites that can contaminate this "new host".


Do we know what attracts mosquitoes?

What is known for sure is that the heat of the human body attracts mosquitoes (30-37 ° C delta temperature ideal for a mosquito). The mosquito spots its target through its sense of smell, and its olfactory system is able to detect an odor more than 10 meters away. In addition to carbon dioxide, it may be attracted by the presence of fatty acids such as butyric acid, lactic acid or other substances with the smell of ammonia, emitted by breathing from the pores of the skin. Other odor: that of urine, especially those containing estrogen for women in the middle of their menstrual cycle ...


Are conventional mosquito repellents safe for your health?

Of course you will find many anti-mosquito solutions available commercially, but some solutions use chemicals that are not neutral like DEET. DEET, which is not recommended for pregnant women and children, has been mentioned in recent studies pointing out that possible toxicity "deserves to be explored," according to the researchers, especially when combined with insecticides.


Are all alternative natural mosquito repellents effective?

« 60 million consumers », a French review, recently pointed out several natural anti-mosquito products on the market, which have not been proven effective during their testing, as well as new alternatives, such as iPhone apps that are not credited with any scientific credibility so far.




How does yourtechnology work?

We have been interested in multiple clinical studies demonstrating the attraction of mosquitoes by an odoriferous molecule. John Carlson's team at Yale University and Laurence Zwiebel's team at Nashville University demonstrated that mosquitoes are particularly sensitive to components of human odor. It is therefore possible from this work to design a solution that will inhibit the olfactory receptors involved in the detection of human odors, and therefore protect humans from mosquitoes in total safety. From this published work, we have designed an innovative solution that inhibits the olfactory receptors involved in the mosquito, in the detection of odorant molecules released by humans and therefore protect us in total safety by making us completely invisible to mosquitoes.

Is it dangerous for children?

In the air, negative ions are (contrary to their name) beneficial for our body. Our technology is therefore safe for children, pregnant women, wildlife and flora.


Does Moskitofree technology kill mosquitoes?

Moskitofree is also completely harmless for mosquitoes, which are also essential for the eco-system and an indispensable link in the food chain.


Has Moskitofree technology been tested in laboratory?

In order to validate and verify the effectiveness of Moskitofree, we conducted a series of laboratory tests. The test considered is assimilated to the "cage test". This test has been defined by WHO and adopted as a reference by countries of the European Community to measure the effectiveness of mosquito repellent products. The cage test is the most extreme test because it requires conditions that are not those of normal exposure to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are hungry two days before the experiment, are 50 in a cage 40 cm by 40 cm and are all females. The results showed a proven effectiveness of the Moskitofree technology.


Does it work with ultrasound?

Absolutely not, our technology is based on the principle of dielectric barrier discharges. This technology does not use ultrasound.



What is the autonomy of your anti-mosquito products?

Once fully recharged, our products have a range of 11 hours (Travel) - 24 hours (Forever) - 32 hours (Family).


Do I have to buy refills or cartridges in addition to the device?

Our devices do not require refills or cartridges, you do not have tu buy consumables in addition to the device.


What happens if I cover the outputs of my device?

If you cover the output of your Moskitofree mosquito repellent, it will no longer be effective! Just as if you plug your air conditioner's outlets, you will not feel fresh air ...

How long is my device guaranteed?

All our Moskitofree devices have a legal warranty of two years.


Can I use the Family when it is charging?

Unlike Forever and Travel, you can use our Moskitofree Family mosquito repellent when it is charging, without affecting its effectiveness.


Can your devices work in the rain?

Our current product range does not stand up to water. However, our research and development team has taken this into account for the development of our future products.