about moskitofree


For several years traveling the world, our president has mobilized energies bringing together our fellow man so that “each of us can access the highest standard of health and well-being”. A truly empowering act of Ancilia Protect Ltd, is the vision that unites and inspires us all in this wonderful human adventure that is the moskitofree project. We invite you to participate.

Anti moustique santé et bien-être
protection anti moustique efficace pour les voyages


The mission of Ancilia Protect Ltd is to offer people who care about their health and comfort, effective validated products, adaptable to the daily life of people, non-toxic and meeting a requirement of aesthetics.

Ancilia Protect was founded on the idea that technological progress must be both relevant and responsible. Ancilia develops the best solutions to be accessible to all of us on the basis of the following commitments:


  • ✓ Our solutions are tested and validated by recognized scientific research centers, laboratories and health organizations.
  • ✓ Responsibility and control of consequences for humans and their environment.
  • ✓ Use of the best technologies available on the market.
  • ✓ The design of user-friendly products adaptable to everyday life.
  • ✓ Respects the environment and the ecosystem.

To date two major challenges have already been successfully identified:


oskitofree makes human beings invisible to mosquitoes thus protecting them from serious diseases such as malaria, zika, chikungunya, dengue, …


Wave Protect drastically reduces the emission of electromagnetic waves from smartphones that affect, among other things, sleep and fertility, and have a detrimental impact on DNA.